Gift Of Grace

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The Gift Of Grace Healing Session

Recover and Reclaim Your Life Energy

Through A Powerful Healing Session


Do you feel that your energy levels are out of balance?

Is it difficult to move past painful memories?

Have you had shock and trauma from physical accidents, car crashes or other life events?

Can't seem to get beyond a certain level of growth or see your next step no matter what you do?


You Have A Soul-Affirming Place To Step Into Right Now

Come just as you are today in your Wholeness where every kind of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual condition is welcome.

Karen Schultz:

I created The Gift of Grace Healing Session because I wanted to offer spontaneous healing experiences to people where anyone, no matter their present condition, challenge or soul potential could receive tangible assistance and measurable outcomes that fulfill exactly what they need in this moment.  It was the Living Spirit of Divine Grace Itself that answered my call to create such a program.



Divine Grace Is A Transformational Gift
That Keeps On Giving

Grace becomes a conscious, tangible experience that can leave you breathless and in awe.  It comes to sanctify your holy purpose through the offering of effortlessness and ease.  And, through Its strength, it offers the healing effects of permanently clearing out of date patterns as if they were never there.  Grace is the profound, tangible experience that restores your humanity to its Divine Perfection mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Karen works interdimensionally in a seamless communication with Angelic physicians and healers who work at the subatomic Dna level.


This kind of session is about releasing you from conditions that do not require self-examination, processing, or counseling.


 Receive a complementary 45 minute private consultation with Karen to discuss the outcomes you are seeking, hear more about how Karen fulfills this and to experience her approach first hand.  

-To Schedule Your Consultation please email Karen Schultz at or through the contact form on this website.

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Beveley Ashland, Austin, TX
"I injured my hip from a severe fall and could hardly walk.  I did Karen's Gift of Grace Session and was dramatically better in 45 minutes.  The pain was totally gone the next morning as if it never existed".  



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