Joyce Bruce, Evansville, IN   Restoring Sacred Feminine Power

About a year and a half ago a friend and I came to Karen for a retreat for spiritual growth. We had a wonderful time and learned so much. I knew when we were leaving that something fundamental had occurred for me because I could tell a difference in something as simple as walking around the area that we stayed!  When we first arrived I wandered around feeling mildly uneasy and well, honestly, I felt klutzy! It was rocky and I didn’t feel I could get around very well. I have had weight issues for years but that wasn’t the focus of the retreat. In fact, I am not even sure that was addressed during that time. But, I noticed a definite difference from the time I arrived and when we were getting ready to depart. I started walking the same area I had earlier and realized I was doing fine, I was walking with confidence, more sure-footed and feeling much more connected to everything around me. I felt healthier but didn’t realize until I got home that during the month long program with Karen that I had lost a total of almost 50 pounds! No wonder I could walk better and feel healthier! And that weight has never come back. It was like a weight was lifted that I had been carrying and it was no longer needed. This has been such a blessing!”

T. B., Colorado     Clearing Childhood Abuse and Trauma 

In one hour, Karen helped me clear certain issues that I’ve worked on where years of therapy couldn’t.”

C.R., Michigan     Restoring Divine Power and Purpose- Clearing Acute Emotional Trauma
“I couldn’t sleep at night and when I did, I was plagued by nightmares with images of horrific torture going on since childhood. I took medication for severe migraines and to help me sleep.  I was so fearful and emotional that I would walk around wringing my hands and crying a lot.  After the first session with Karen, I slept that night for the first time in many years.  This session cleared the nightmares.  A few days later, I had one follow-up session to address my powerless feelings and from then on I began to reduce my meds until I was free of them completely in about a month.  The migraines have disappeared permanently and I’m not emotional any longer. Karen’s expertise in understanding and helping me to release the victim program is what gave me my life back.  Working
with Karen brought results beyond what I ever thought was possible.”

 Marybeth Davis, Evansville, IN    My Singing Voice Greatly Improved

I came to Karen’s seven day intensive to mobilize my healing arts practice.  Her synergy is powerful!  She helped me to “burst through” and transmute what was holding me back from reclaiming my authentic voice, from discovering my true identity, gifts, talents and powers.  Karen has made the most impact on my spiritual progress.  I deeply APPRECIATE AND RECOMMEND the work and programs of Karen Schultz.

Beverley Ashland, Austin, Texas     Healing The Trauma of A Severe Fall

I injured my hip from a severe fall from water on tile.  I could hardly walk and when I did it was very painful. It improved marginally through visits to the chiropractor several times. Three weeks later, I decided to sign up for Karen’s Gift of Grace Session.  In 45 minutes I was dramatically better and by the next morning I have to say all of the pain was gone. I still had one sharp localized pain that Karen addressed in a one hour follow-up session.  Karen’s elegance of seeing the actual structure and then removing it is quite amazing.  My hip pain is completely gone as if it never existed.”

Zariah Ricossa, LCSW, Maui, Hawaii    Closure With A Deceased Loved One

Karen, profound Gratitude to you & the clear channel of Light that you are!  The recent death of my dearest soul-sister of these past 22yrs., with the corresponding inability to be physically with her, before her transition, left me feeling so raw without the ability to say Good Bye & feel complete between us.  By your direct connection with the Holy Ones on the other dimensions, you were able to contact & connect my dear friend & myself…. bringing us both loving healing & freedom to move on to our next level of evolution.  I can now feel the Magnificence of who we truly are being able to flourish limitlessly thru our eternal Divine friendship~~~   What a loving healing Gift You are to us all, thru your unique Brilliance & service of Love~~~ “

MK, San Francisco, CA    Connecting With The Muse

Dear Karen,  painting is my way of following Spirit and I can see the connection with you and your work, -how you are comfortable with not always knowing what’s coming next, -never hesitating, – having a strong belief that no knowledge or past experience are necessary, -not working from the intellectual level but what I call the creative spirit within.”

Alice Blaszak, Crestone, CO   Awakening-Transcending The Ego

As a result of working with Karen, I am experiencing greater clarity and harmony- my true nature. Karen is a catalyst for dramatic change cutting through layers of fear, denial and resistance.  With astute awareness of energies and other supernal gifts, Karen works from Grace and Efficiency in such an accelerated way that I accomplished so much in a very short period of time.

AC Gruber, Louisville, KY     Clearing Migraines- Awakening to Purpose

Karen…Here we go!  After years of a life spent under a cloud of many prescribed medications and a regimen of most forms of therapy, today I am free of ALL medicines and have the capacity to truly experience life.  This is largely a result of my connection to Karen and her facilitating courses of my “higher education” (including A Course in Miracles.) I am now able to expand from such a strong spiritual foundation to currently rebuilding my physical core to exist at the same high frequency of light–even to the point of becoming involved with Tae Kwon Do training!!! Thanks, Karen…You’re the Best!!! “

J. Elena Featherston    Awakening

The mastership program was the beginning of an amazing journey.  It has ushered in an accelerated light integration process that is transforming my life and initiated a data transfer pulse-like movement that I now recognize as phasing.  I feel that I am being prepared for a world changing event.”

Judy H., Reston, Virginia   Smoking Cessation

I am extremely grateful to Karen for helping me to stop smoking cigarettes.  I tried numerous times but failed, so I remember going to my appointment not really believing I could be free of it.  I kept one cigarette in my purse fully planning to smoke it after leaving with a plan to proceed to the grocery store and buy a carton. Instead, in less than two hours, I had permanently lost the desire to smoke. From that moment on, whenever I would think of lighting up a cigarette, I experienced a repulsion in my throat along with nausea. Most of all, in the days following my appointment with Karen, the withdrawal symptoms one prepares for after quitting did not happen to me. It was all just gone. It’s been over twenty four years ago and I’m free of this addiction.  This had made such a difference in my life, my health and my pocketbook.”

Margaret Rigatti, Santa Fe, NM   Awakening, Healing, Self-Mastery

My life has had a drastic change from who I thought I was when I first started Karen’s programs. To be introduced to a reality of seeing myself as more than another cog in the wheel to, I Am a Holy Master walking on Earth with a mission, a purpose, is quite empowering. How I see myself, others and the world has to change once the illusions have been named and released from the cellular body. I have much more freedom of my own expression and I’ve learned how to allow others to be free around me with their authentic self. I have become more in tune with the truth of what is happening around me through the energy skills I was taught and I respond to that now instead of being afraid of the effects. I am a stronger, happier person living from God’s Laws not the laws of society (status quo.)  I am willing to embrace all of myself, to love the aspects of myself that I thought were wrong about me. I am able to see and to love others without having to have them change to fit my world. Everyday life is more harmonious and enjoyable to participate in.  The biggest realization for me is the recognition that I have created my life. I have created all the experiences within it and therefore I am the one to change it. Nothing outside of me can do it for me, it is all up to me and my thoughts. This one realization alone is the most valuable understanding anyone can come to. If I’m the one who created it then, I’m the one who can uncreate it. Here it is, the biggest change, I take full responsibility for my life and everything in it.”

Mary K, New Jersey Ending The Abuse and Victim Programming

Working with Karen has really brought an end to my victim thinking.  My changes are permanent and when I try to remember how it used to be with all the abuse, it’s like it happened to someone else.  I can’t remember ever feeling it was real in my life.”


Lisa M., Colorado Reclaiming My Power

When I saw the victim/abuser/rescuer model that Karen presents, I knew that I could finally put a stop to the negative patterns in my life.  She taught me how to take responsibility for myself and now I attract loving and supportive relationships.”


Carol S., Colorado

As a facilitator and teacher myself, I have never seen anyone work at the level that Karen does to create such graceful transformation.”