You have the power to make your physical world a reflection of the Majesty of You. Your Presence. Your Purpose. Your Love.

Anchoring The Frequencies

of A New Era of Consciousness

Welcome To Touching Brilliance and The Work of Karen Elizabeth.

My purpose is about reaching out to all others who thirst for

their own higher truth and guiding intelligence.

In these accelerated times, it is crucial that individuals have direct access to their higher self. I offer private and group services and programs that create permanent, cellular transformation.  The benefits of my expertise initiate higher possibilities that expand, illuminate and initiate an alignment in relation to your true nature, the self-discovery of your spiritual identity and the purpose that awakens from this exploration.  My skill is that I have a seamless connection to Spirit that helps you to access clear information and guidance. 

What if there is a purpose for your life that is more vast and extraordinary than you know? Now is the time to discover what matters the most- making tangible progress in the awakening of mind, body and spirit. What would you like to create?

Exploring Higher Possibilities

 Do you hunger for spiritual nourishment that includes self-discovery about what makes you unique and different?   Are you feeling stuck and sense that there are “missing pieces”, if only you could get to them?

Are you dealing with an immediate health condition?  Are you having physical symptoms that your doctor cannot explain? Have you experienced shock or trauma, surgeries or struggle with weight?   Do childhood traumas haunt you still today?   Would you like to advance your empathic skills in reading and naming subtle energy?




Moving Forward With Ease and Grace

Are you looking for inspiration to take your creative projects into their next full potential?  Find out more about how Karen and her Muse Project can initiate tangible progress for writers, artists, musicians, your healing arts practice, business or talent. 

Is there confusion or dissatisfaction with current spiritual information?  Are you done with processing?

Would you love to reclaim more of your power and freedom, abundance and joy?




Alice Blaszak, Crestone, CO

As a result of working with Karen, I am experiencing greater clarity and harmony- my true nature. Karen is a catalyst for dramatic change cutting through layers of fear, denial and resistance . With astute awareness of energies and other supernal gifts, Karen works from Grace and Efficiency in such an accelerated way that I accomplished so much in a very short period of time.”


 Joyce Bruce, Evansville, IN
"I came to Karen to do a seven day spiritual retreat and we had three weekly follow-up calls after we got home.  Even though losing weight was never part of the goals; at the end of that month I had lost almost 50 pounds.  Clearing my psychic weight directly affected my physical weight and it has maintained itself a year and a half later".  


Mary Beth Davis, Evansville, IN

I came to Karen to mobilize my healing arts practice. Her synergy is POWERFUL!   She helped me to "burst through" and transmute what was holding me back from reclaiming my authentic voice, from discovering my true identity, gifts, talents and powers. Karen has made the most impact on my spiritual progress. I deeply APPRECIATE and RECOMMEND the work and programs of Karen Schultz.


Effortless Transformation Is The Context For
My Events And Programs


"It is through including the element of one's Spiritual Identity that forward moving and permanent life change can occur.  As a high functioning empath and catalyst, I have the ability to identify and articulate limited/unconscious patterns of thinking and behavior and the expertise to facilitate their transformation.” -Karen Elizabeth


Receive The Most Advanced Information And Solutions


We are living in a time right now where the evolution of consciousness has opened the way for individuals to directly connect with and come to embody their own original and unique Spiritual Identity.  

Millions of people all over the world are waking up to discover new possibilities into how to live a conscious, purpose-driven life.  

My work goes in-depth to understand and self-realize the spiritual identity that is coming alive within you. At the same time, equally there are out of date patterns that organically surface to be addressed. 

You will experience a unique and graceful, but potent transformation process designed to make the transition into integrated and balanced living.  

An aspect of my services includes using my skills to help people with immediate conditions that are "up" in this moment where we bring a tremendous focus to zero in on the root cause you are seeking to change.  

The exchange between us is intimate, and requires active participation as well as a willingness to take full responsibility for what surfaces when the process begins.   Learn more

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