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Any personal information collected on TouchingBrilliance.com, FifthDimensionalLiving.com and KarenSchultz.org will never be shared or sold. Your privacy is so important. We strives to maintain the highest standards of decency, fairness and integrity in all our operations. Likewise, we are dedicated to protecting our customers’ and online visitors’ privacy on our websites. We only collect personally identifiable information that you choose to provide and will be used only to keep you posted on latest news that is relevant to the services offered within Karen’s organization. This is limited to your name, postal address, email address, company name and/or telephone number. Your information will not be sold or provided to third parties for any reason what so ever. This information is collected if you request information from us, register and participate in our programs or join our email list for newsletters and latest news in order to respond back to your inquiries. 


Our Purpose-  Inspiration, Illumination and Self-Revelation

Regarding All Services Offered By Karen Elizabeth,

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Scheduling an appointment including payment

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All interactions, formal or informal, are not intended to create any physician-patient relationship nor teacher/guru- student/disciple relationship and it is understood that all information/interactions are not to be considered a replacement for a consultation with a licensed health-care professional. All questions or concerns about one’s mental or physical health should be discussed with your professional health-care provider.   

The nature of Karen’s facilitation is Spiritual and Energetic, represented through a consciousness-based approach where each individual’s experience is exclusively and directly guided by that individual. In the course of exploring information that addresses the Spiritual and Mental nature of an issue, physical improvement can be a byproduct, but is by no means guaranteed or inferred to be an expectation of a cure. Interacting with Karen and her information may catalyze self-discovery and this becomes new, potential opportunities for personal growth.  Sessions between clients and Karen Elizabeth are 100% experiential and requires a sincere effort of participation from the client.  For this reason, results may vary and no promises or guarantees can be made regarding a client’s experience.

All of the services offered by Karen Elizabeth through Touching Brilliance, LLC and Fifth Dimensional Living, Inc.; or, any other type of energy work, is not a substitute for Medical Treatment or psychological/psychiatric advice. We do not treat, diagnose, prescribe, or make claims to cure any spiritual, mental, emotional or physical condition regardless of the format used to share this information. Some of these forms include, but are not limited to (in person or proxy) direct telephone interactions, through recorded videos or audio replays on the internet, live or recorded webinars, through email and/or the written content offered on all these sites or on other websites. No claims as to healing or recovery from any illness and no suggestion of a cure is intended or offered by any means. The entirety of our sole purpose is to inspire and illuminate. All fees are non-negotiable and specifically determined based on the individual and their needs.  No guarantee is made towards its validity.  

Terms Of Service:  Every individual responds to energetic consciousness in a unique way.  Due to the subjective nature of an individual’s capacity to take self-responsibility, we cannot make guarantees suggesting specific cures and results.  The nature of these services requires active effort and application on the part of the client.  While we offer advanced technologies and information that brings assistance, the willingness on the part of the client will determine the personal growth and outcomes created.  While we determine a reasonable time frame to fulfill the services, every individual has a unique rhythm and process that we feel must be honored and allowed.  Therefore, the suggested time frame and hourly assignment of suggested fees is only a working model that we start from to fulfill the services requested. Fees are non-negotiable.    

Payment – Refunds – Rescheduling Your Appointment: Full Payment is required prior to the start of all services except for special offers.

Private Sessions:  There is no refund for private sessions that have been fulfilled.  Should you engage in a multiple session program and then decide not to continue the series, please advise our office of your decision.  We will promptly refund your unused balance.   In this case, each completed session will be calculated at the hourly rate of $500.   Your refund is the remaining balance after this deduction.   

Cancellations:  Regarding a private scheduled program that you know that you will not be able to attend, refunds and/or cancellations require a 7 day advance notice to receive a full refund.  

Re-Scheduling An Appointment:   Changes must be made 7 days prior to the actual appointment date.  

Regarding Custom Programs/ Retreats:  Whether in group or private format: requires a full payment to secure your space.   Refunds and cancellations require a seven-day advance notice to receive a full refund for Intensive Retreats. Anything less that seven days will incur a 10% cancellation fee.  Events held at Hotels and Resorts are subject to separate policies and terms of service that are provided in their information packet relative to the specific event.  Refunds for digital or published works/products must be requested from our office within sixty days of purchase date and refunds will be issued within sixty days thereafter if not sooner.   

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