What Happens In A Session

What Happens In A Session

In the most sincere and natural way, the atmosphere of our interactions is an invitation to sacredly commune with your higher self within a living, multidimensional field of consciousness.  In this divine context, there is an inherent freedom to experience the timelessness that embraces all of your wholeness- spirit and human together.  The field is teeming with information, much of it calling to me to be witnessed and heard.  As an empath and communicator, it is effortless for me to give a voice to these subtle prompts that are coming not only from your Spirit and the potential opportunities to grow; but also, from your humanity who has a lot to say and contribute.  All of it matters and is equally important to getting you to the outcomes you are seeking.  This has been purposefully designed this way for you to have an experience of a different way of living, one that is completely represented within a context of unconditional love that is Spirit in Action.

Fear not in letting go of the old ways. What awaits you on the other side is a world of goodness, freedom and pure joy; and a life redeemed of its burdens and confusion. True Love is the mission.” -Karen Schultz

You will actually experience a form of cellular healing which initiates tangible breakthroughs and opportunities to discover your own self-truth.  If you find yourself recreating a mental, emotional or physical issue, often times there is some “missing piece” that can bring resolution. These missing pieces come in the form of spirit-initiated adjustments and information that open you to new possibilities and choices.

We are interacting with Divine Currents of

information that are coming directly from Spirit.

Two key activities are occurring- New visions and realities transmit into the body that come to support the immediate focus of your session. These transmissions actually begin the cellular healing process.  Patterns from the subconscious mind begin surfacing to be reviewed, dismantled and permanently cleared.

The complete healing/ integration process causes a spontaneous shift into your greater self-truth, self-awareness and a raising of the crystalline frequency for the body.  The effect of this full spectrum experience is the spontaneous phenomena of physical ascension. There is an awakening of dormant wisdom, resources and insights that emerge from this kind of healing. The healing process creates space for direct alignments with your fifth dimensional identity.

The Ascension Experience At The Human Level Is Really
An Exaltation of the Physical, Mental and Emotional Body”