The Muse Project

Custom Muse Projects For Creatives

Inspire – Illuminate – Initiate – Build  

Private And Group Events

What if the things you dream of creating are alive and connected to a tangible spiritual intelligence? What if you are actually accessing parts and pieces of projects directly from the divine blueprint of your mission and purpose? What if there was a way to touch the brilliance of this in such a way that you manifest the highest potential of that creation and desire?

Customized programs go in-depth to help you to initiate, clarify, develop and mobilize your creative work.

The first step is to schedule a Formal Consultation with Karen. This consultation will include your Spirit showing itself in a tangible expression and  the living spirit of the project itself, along with specific Muse Intelligence that will be contributing.  

In this consultation we will be:

-making direct contact with the living presence of what is it you wish to create.

-clarifying your focus and next steps.

-initiating new elements/missing pieces that are part of your project.

-giving you actual transformational experiences of a revolutionary creation process that Karen Schultz created to help others bring their creative projects to life.

This first session is an integrated experience that illuminates insights about you and what you wish to create and at the same time, gives you an actual experience of the manner in which Karen conducts herself to help you reach your goals.  You will come into conscious contact with a group of Celestial Beings, their Presence, their frequency and their inspiration.  This isn’t about information gathering for the mental body, although pure creative education takes place that is a full spectrum, cellular event.

It is from this interaction that Karen and her teams will design a custom program for you that includes information on the number of hours and the cost if you choose to work with Karen.

It is important to note that Karen only works with one client at a time during a Custom Muse Project. You will have her exclusive attention and focus in that she is attentive to many levels of communication and dimensions of energy that begin to present itself in relation to manifesting your project.

Formal Initial Consultation, $475 (approx. 90 Minutes).  This session is totally experiential as you are introduced to specific revelations directly from your Spirit and the Muse support teams who are part of the creation of the project you have in mind. Having this kind of experience is life changing.  This session alone will mobilize and clarify your next steps, identify immediate action to take and give you an overview perspective on your project.   Also, you will have direct experiences of a radical, new and accelerated form of transformation that Karen created to support others in bringing their unique works to life. The results of the 90 minute consultation with Karen will radically initiate you into the next step of what you aspire to create.  

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