Working From The Dimension Of The Soul

An Experiential, Consciousness-Based Approach to Self Growth

It is from the context of examining the underlying patterns of thinking and behavior that permanent change can occur.    It takes courage to uncover these “Hidden Gems”, usually held within the subconscious level of your consciousness.  These are the missing pieces that hold the truth about Who You Really Are as an Authentic and Empowered Being. These are also the access points to liberate untapped and/or trapped reservoirs of your dormant life energy that can radically accelerate a new and improved vitality to one's health and well-being. 

  Shifting Your Definition of Self Through

Direct Contact With Your Spirit

-Private Sessions Using Video Conferencing, Facetime or Sykpe 

   Custom Multiple Session Programs 

-Clinics And Classes Through Live Streaming Video Webinars  

-In Person Group Events

-Available For Sponsorship

The Paradigm Shift

At the core of the definition of self is your eternal spirit that is a hidden, but rich resource of intelligence and guidance that is primary to everything that follows in terms of our interactions.   In an organic and unfolding process, this hidden Gem of your self-identity emerges.   In Karen's events you will experience a form of cellular healing which can initiate tangible breakthroughs to discover your own self-truth, that includes cellular embodiment with your own, individualized Spiritual Identity and the opportunity to release out of date or limiting patterns of thinking that have been influencing your mental, emotional and physical health.  If you find yourself re-creating the same issue over and over again, often times there is some "missing pieces" of information, insights and awareness that can inspire a new point of view that is true to your authentic nature and purpose.  Karen's keen understanding and ability to identify what is more or less unconscious fear/survival patterns of thinking and behavior accelerate the potential to let go of these limiting beliefs so that a new, more balanced way of living can emerge.


I am a unique kind of catalyst that is best described as the programmer. Change happens spontaneously in the most unexpected ways when people attend my events.  My services include the dimension of the Soul and Spirit where you are the true power and authority that directs your life shifts. 

What Happens In My Events

In the most sincere and natural way, the atmosphere of my events is an invitation to sacredly commune with your higher self within a living field of consciousness.  In this context, there is an inherent freedom to experience the timelessness that embraces all of your wholeness- spirit and human together.  The field is teeming with information, much of it calling to Karen to be witnessed and heard.  As an empath and communicator, it is effortless for Karen to give a voice to these subtle prompts that are coming not only from Spirit and the potential opportunities to grow; but also, from the human aspect who has a lot to say and contribute.  All of it matters and is equally important to getting  participants to the outcomes they are meant to receive.  This has been purposefully designed this way for participants to have an experience of a different way of living, one that is completely represented within a context of unconditional love that is Spirit in Action.


Shifting your Identity

Building A New Foundation

If we begin from the life context that we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience, there is a much greater capacity to explore and uncover higher possibilities into an authentic definition of who you are from the level of Infinite Consciousness.  Also, there is self-discovery into your true purpose and very specific insights that emerge about how you actually fulfill that purpose.  Attending my events from this context can hasten the release of erroneous or conflicting patterns of thinking and behavior and most importantly support the full emergence of your true, authentic self.  The significance of this approach is that it accelerates the release of trapped life energy held within dormant and subconscious states which is liberating.  Spontaneous shifts are happening on many levels as these are energized and re-examined allowing you to freshly choose how you wish to live today.

Some Benefits

Reclaiming trapped life energy can be vitalizing and strengthening.  It increases clarity of thinking and illuminates a new direction in life. Making choices from strength rather than fear and survival is an empowered and supportive way to move into the things that matter in your life.

Karen spent many years pioneering new pathways for the transcendence of distortions of power in order to return to one's sovereignty and dominion.   One of, if not Karen's greatest service to others comes in her compassion and expertise to assist the permanent transformation of what are universal programs around victim, abuser and rescuer programming; martyr, wounded child and the saboteur archetype.  These are very significant in terms of catalyzing a depth of transformation.   The full system of change involves receiving new information that defines a healthy, balanced way of living that can be given to replace what is out of date.


"Fear not in letting go of the old ways. What awaits you on the other side is a world of goodness, freedom and pure joy. And, a life redeemed of its burdens and confusion. True Love is the mission.” -Karen Elizabeth



Some Key Areas Of Focus

The following are some of the areas that show up in Karen's events:  

-Experience direct communion with your Spirit in a way that is easy to repeat at any time.  -Discover new insights about your true nature and actual purpose.  -Reclaim your power and authority from others.  -Learn how to create.  -Restore the sacred feminine and sacred masculine relationship.  -Restore the magical child. -Mobilize your healing arts practice into its next full expression.  -Mobilize your Business into its next full expression in a way that consciously includes the dimension of the soul and spirit. -Experience a Soul Retrieval to regain lost fragments of life energy.  -Clear limiting mental patterns.  - Receive support for emotional challenges.  -Clear victim patterns of thinking and behavior.  -Receive assistance in fully completing with loved ones who have passed. -Integrate spiritual emergencies caused by supernatural contact.  -Receive energetic support when heading into surgery.  -Explore a new approach to understanding shock and trauma.  -Learn how to understand and support your children and family that includes the dimension of the soul and spirit.  -Experience and master energy hygiene tools during your sessions and after to expand awareness of subtle energy dimensions.  -Clearing the Etheric Body ( the energy body double of the physical body)of the precursors that become physical sickness. 

Custom Events - Group Retreats

Inspire – Initiate -Illuminate-Create

Custom Programs are designed to move in a specific sequence of in-depth growth and self-discovery that builds on each step. Within the commitment to experience in-depth progress and change, there is the freedom to most importantly establish an inner foundation that includes the authentic, spiritual self-identity. This is the Eternal Self, an untapped inner resources of intelligence and insights, that energizes a platform of stability and balance – which is very important to have in place before going into deeper cellular reprogramming.

Karen's events and retreats are experiential in nature where we cannot predict the timing of when issues or conditions may surface.  There are unplanned moments where a change is at hand and Karen invites her participants to immediately contact her in the very moment that unexpected issues or even insights surface.   These "moments" are significant turning points of self-growth that are the next step in fulfilling the project initiated by Spirit.  Please go to the Events Page to discover an offering of current events that are scheduled. Go to The Muse Project for more.

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