Karen Elizabeth

Mentor and Guide To Help You Integrate Your Spiritual Identity

 – Transformational Catalyst - Etheric Surgeon

Mentor To Help You Explore Your Inner Muse

Legally Ordained Minister - Facilitator 

Catalyst and Guide To Integrate Your Spiritual Identity-  I share transformational models, perspectives and information that are designed to help you to function in this wildly dramatic period of transformation. I have direct access to Spirit, an advanced intelligence that is exclusively about serving individuals who long to awaken to their true, authentic identity and the purpose that emerges from this exploration. 

Etheric Surgeon- Trained to see and correct the imbalances that surface in the embodiment process.  The 5th dimensional blueprint is the first stage of integration within one's multidimensional anatomy.  Karen Elizabeth offers, diverse range of assistance to people, animal kingdoms, and the nature kingdoms.     

High Functioning Empath-  Many levels of consciousness and life feels safe to speak to Karen through telepathy, intedimensional communication, images and by triggering her own stories that indicate conditions that might be reflected in the life fores that approach her.    This highly cultivated ability is a form of pure compassion in that I feel what others feel. With lightness and warmth I can translate and give a voice to what is seeking to be seen and heard.  The healing effect of this kind of experience brings illumination, self awareness and the opportunity for healing.   

Transformational Alchemist-  I initiate and expose what is historical subconscious patterns of thinking and behavior so they may organically surface to be re-examined.  This gives individuals new choices to make that support how they wish to live in their current life.

Mentor To Help You Explore Your Inner Muse-   I have a wealth of resources and expertise to help you get insights and inspiration for your current projects; but also, to mobilize your own connection with your inner, creative muse identity.  I offer a custom program called Touching Your Brilliance, Learning To Create With Your Muse.   

My Two Primary Organizations:

Fifth Dimensional Living, Inc.

Initiated in 1981, Karen Elizabeth is the sole founder and CEO of Fifth Dimensional Living, Inc.  In 2002, Karen initiated a school for multidimensional education called Fifth Dimensional Living Institute. The foundational training program is a living, self-realizing or experiential curriculum that initiates and empowers the manifestation of your purpose.  From this platform we offer advanced courses to further explore and manifest the creative potential that is an integral part of your purpose.  The School was not brought to life to be a belief system that is seeking followers.  It stands as a bridge of empowerment and self-realization, offering tools and perspectives solely to mobilize others to make contact with their own, original purpose and to come home to their Majestic Presence.  In other words, to start your own love revolution.

Fifth Dimensional Living is a mission in and of itself that offers a unique training program for those who feel that their purpose includes restoring their ministerial/healing capabilities and soul wisdom.  The revolutionary impact of this initiation restores the authentic, divine mantles of authority within the individual's divine blueprint that is the translucent evidence that an individual is who they say they are

Touching Brilliance, LLC.

Touching Brilliance, LLC., is is a divinely guided Muse Project initiated in 2002 when Karen had direct contact with a celestial group of beings who came to answer her desire to create a name for her private counseling business.  Touching Brilliance came to life on that day and this contact initiated The Muse Project, that in part helps individuals to remember, reconnect and manifest their creative projects.   As a result of their guidance, Karen brought seven divine projects to life over a six month period beginning with the Institute within Fifth Dimensional Living, Inc. The education and experience that has emerged from this connection has become an educational prototype or model for others who seek the expansion and self-discovery of their own unique purpose.

My Unique Pathway of Service

 Spending over thirty seven years in the field of conscious awakening, I offer tangible, life-changing possibilities for those seeking to explore cellular transformation and the process of divine embodiment of one's true spirit and purpose.   And, it is out of the spiritual journey of my own death and rebirth within my consciousness that I created an accelerated model, resources and information meant to support individuals going through their awakening process. It is from this experiential point of view that I am capable of understanding where you have been as a Soul evolving; and, how your consciousness offers a rich tapestry of raw building materials from which you can birth new visions and realities that represent your unique purpose and life path.   I teach and mentor from actual experience, the wisdom gained from changing myself-  that gives me a tremendous capacity to understand the challenges you face and especially the yearnings you may feel to change and grow.    This awareness allows my skills to be all the more clear.  My unique approach includes revolutionary information about the shift in  consciousness that is occurring right now for the first time in history that greatly contributes to the potential to heal and evolve. 

A very significant aspect of my training has been about gaining awareness into the symptoms that occur when an acceleration of consciousness is occurring emotionally and especially physically that in some cases can only be understand from the dimension of the Spirit and Soul.  These awareness's are generously offered to assist a deeper level of understanding and acceptance of the life changes emerging to be recognized and integrated.

 I have learned that emotional, mental and physical bodies mostly like to know that accepting the Light and the Love of their Spirit will not annihilate them; that merging with one's Divinity is an exaltation of the wholeness of one's humanity; that one's Spiritual Power is not destructive in its true nature; and, that they are worthy of love.”-Karen  Elizabeth

Zariah Ricossa, LCSW, Maui, Hawaii

Karen, profound Gratitude to you & the clear channel of Light that you are! The recent death of my dearest soul-sister of these past 22yrs., with the corresponding inability to be physically with her, before her transition, left me feeling so raw without the ability to say Good Bye & feel complete between us.  By your direct connection with the Holy Ones on the other dimensions, you were able to contact & connect my dear friend & myself…. bringing us both loving healing & freedom to move on to our next level of evolution.  I can now feel the Magnificence of who we truly are being able to flourish limitlessly thru our eternal Divine friendship~~~   What a loving healing Gift You are to us all, thru your unique Brilliance & service of Love~~~ “

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