Historic Moment For All Of Humanity

This video is making the rounds through Facebook and knowing that some of you are not on FB, I thought you might wish to know about this.

It is an extraordinary, magical moment where all the things, all Souls come together to right the wrongs of injustice.  Like many of you, I had hoped and prayed and decreed that when the Water Protectors movement began, it would lead to purification of the cellular bodies of Earth and all Souls involved in addition to protecting the water supply.  This makes me question again, why do we need government when the citizens of Earth know precisely what to do to heal and restore humanity?  We are the ones we have been waiting for. Here is proof that true, sovereign power lives equally in each one of us and this is one way it is being expressed.  


From the perspective of consciousness, the power of forgiveness purifies the dense emotions of the lower will and transmutes it into pure Light, which raises the collective field in the grid globally. 

Its like catching a wave- so much Heart pouring out that one can feel all the Forces of Creation are with them in this ceremony as we view this, we become part of energy field.  With over 9 million views and growing, we all get to participate, to be healed and to maintain the new frequency in creating tangible, unity-which will endure eternally in the energy field of collective humanity.  

Nothing happens in separation from the whole, so look for a ripple effect as this new frequency begins its natural movement through the grid. This experience is our teacher, a new model for change without violence, and from divine right use of power.  Prepare to see more of these healing events taking place. 

Blessings and In Peace, Karen




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